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How Proprioception Boosts Athletic Performance for Cyclists and Other Athletes

Have you heard of proprioception? Consciously using this physiological process makes it stronger, and in turn you can improve the results of any physical activity you engage in. Whether you are a casual or dedicated cyclist, runner, weightlifter, tennis player or endurance athlete, proprioception makes you more efficient.

When you move your body as efficient as you possibly can, your performance benefits. This means understanding and improving your proprioception makes it easier to set personal bests in your chosen athletic endeavor.

Proprioception can be defined as "knowing where your body is in space."


A Simple Example of Proprioception

Do this. Stand comfortably, with your feet a little less than shoulder width apart. Close your eyes. Now lift one of your feet off of the floor. You are instantly aware that you have rebalanced your body so you are poised on one foot, not both.

How do you know that without being able to see?

The answer lies in the proprioceptors that live...

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