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From a Schwinn to a Trek to Alaskan Malamutes

Hello, I'm Edith.

Please allow me to introduce myself, via my own cycling journey.

My love of cycling began in the early 1980's on a Schwinn 10-speed.  I would disappear for hours, biking from one nearby community to another with various stops along the way.  This was my escape from pre-college life, usually "purchased" by stopping for some needed item on the way home.

From there, life got in the way for a few decades, as it does for all of us.  

In the early 2000's, I returned to the road, this time with 27 speed road bike.  I commuted to work by a 17 mile direct route and returned home via 25+mile tour thru a variety of back roads and spent weekends finding the perfect group ride for me.  I ended up with either groups too slow and not a challenge for me, or too fast.  

I hired my first coach in 2003.  I was tired of getting dropped from the faster groups.  I didn't know where exactly I wanted to go as a cyclist, but I recognized that the monthly training plan offered in magazines just wasn't going to work for me.  I needed help.

Several months later, I was knee-deep into mountain biking and had found my passion on the dirt trails.  The thrill of the hopping logs, landing drops, and carving thru switchbacks had me thoroughly addicted. 

In 2005 I was all set to race the regional mountain bike series, had local business sponsors and was logging in over 100 miles a week in preparation.  I was one crash away from ending that season run before it got in full swing.  An 80% ACL tear, meniscus tear, MCL sprain, and other residual damage sidelined my racing plans. 

I'm not the type of person to sit idly.  I obtained my USA Cycling Certified Coaching License in 2005.  And Bike Team One was born.

While recovering from knee surgery, I dived into coaching, working with various cyclists including BMX racers, road cyclists and mountain bikers.  I added BMX racing to my own repertoire as a form of recovery.

I wrote training articles, including a feature article in Her Sports & Fitness on training for a century.  I wrote a regular column for BMXer magazine with a focus on BMX for the female athlete.  

I took hiatus as my youngest son, born the end of 2006, needed my focus and attention.  I kept my license active through 2007 but with the demands of a very young child, I did not have the time to pursue the necessary continuing education credits required.

Along the journey, I added life coaching certifications, and various other training, which allow me to walk you through a goal setting process and visualization with precision.  Various studies have proven the effectiveness of visualization, to the extent that visualization will get you far further than practice alone.  In addition to the aspects of cycling itself, I have the training and knowledge to assist you in the mental game of the sport. 

I continued cycling, but in a strictly occasional sense. Off and on, as time and circumstance allowed. 

With the addition of two puppies into our household in 2013, I discovered bikejoring, the art of dogsledding via mountain bike.  This led to full-on dryland mushing, dog scootering and several other sport versions.  Cycling has always been there for me, no matter what form.

Now, I've returned to the part of  the sport I am most passionate about: coaching. While competing seriously is not on my agenda, spreading the confidence and love in and of the sport is my main focus.  Coaching and sharing in the successes, big or small, of my athletes brought me far more joy than my own personal triumphs. 

I look forward to assisting you in your own personal journey, for as long as you share the path with me.  Come follow along, absorb some information, enjoy some pictures.


E.N. Hignutt



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